Announcing the Autumn 2020 Table of Contents!


34 ORCHARD Issue 2 Cover

It’s been an interesting journey this time around, but we’re delighted to announce the Table of Contents for our sophomore issue—coming to this website on November 10!

In this issue, twenty-one artists from everywhere burn worlds to the ground in terrifyingly beautiful ways, featuring the following art, fiction and poetry:

Cover Art: Burning the Bitch’s Fence – Billy Bradshaw

In the Witch House — Chris Campeau

fairy ring — Clay McLeod Chapman

I Tell the Moon — Carol Despeaux Fawcett

Phantom Touch — Amar Benchikha

You Do the Hokey Pokey — Jay Abramowitz

Not Your Kid — Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Fish — Corin Scher

Seven Vignettes about Rats (Creative Nonfiction) — Kali Meister

A Plastic Life — Desirae Terrien

The Jet Black Knight — Lorna Wood

Extinction — Page Sullivan

Polka Dot — MK Roney

A Walk to the Pond — Elizabeth J. Coleman

Loose Ends — C.M. Saunders

Amy’s Game — Liam Hogan

Every Piece (is Sacred) — Hunter Liguore

No Regrets in New Jerusalem — Kaitlyn Downing

Carrion — Ellen Andersen

Staying Inside — Brandon Kawashima

Cactusland — R.A. Busby

You’ll be able to download your copy from our Issue Page here on Tuesday, November 10. Don’t forget the donate link! Our issues are always free of charge, but if you’d like to help us out—especially during these crazy times—we’d love it. We pay our artists $50 per piece, and that largely comes out of our pockets. Help us keep great art in the world—and others escape to 34 Orchard.

8 thoughts on “Announcing the Autumn 2020 Table of Contents!

    1. Hi! I’m excited too! No, we don’t have a print edition–however, the laid out PDF, when printed double-sided flipped on the long edge and bound, say, on a binding machine you’d typically find in an office, really works nicely. If you don’t have access to any of that, drop me a private email.


    1. Thank you, Priscilla! I DID get your email about helping out–I’ve just been so focused on so many projects all summer (plus Lyme Disease. That was fun. NOT. And I’m still dealing with it). I will respond to you shortly. Thank you for not giving up on me!! And I’ll be so excited to hear what you think of Issue 2!!


    1. Me neither! “Loose Ends” is a gem. During my proofing, I read it aloud. I had quite the captive audience at my day job today. My immediate supervisor really loved your piece! At that one point in the story when she figured out what was happening, she put her hands to her mouth and said, ‘oh my God!’


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