It’s OFFICIAL! We will hold a Release Day Zoom Cocktail Hour for the contributors of each issue’s launch

Issue 5 Celebratory Glass of Wine

It’s always been one of 34 O’s missions to foster a sense of community among its writers, and while we’ve spent the past two years/five issues focused mainly on our magazine and its content, we now have a little bit of time to start better aligning with that mission.

Aside from starting a monthly blog series, we’ve figured out the mechanics (mostly) of holding a Zoom cocktail hour as part of each issue’s launch. A magazine/journal isn’t just a team effort by its staff—its contributors are a large part of its success, and we wanted to find a way to acknowledge that.

We’ve tried this idea previously—our in-person “launch” party, which was intended for only our friends, became an all day, four-session Zoom event due to the fact that we were all on pandemic lockdown. We tried an online Zoom party for Issue 3 for just the writers of all three issues, and while it was very successful and a total blast, we felt the “event” aspect needed some fine-tuning into something a little less formal and overwhelming (it went on for five hours).

Last night, we tried again, with a one-hour cocktail toast limited to just the current issue’s contributors, and were thrilled that it was a really great time. Everyone was relaxed, and the writers got to not only share what they were working on as well as their goals and dreams, they were in touch with each other, which was what we were going for.

Based on its success, then, I’m thrilled to announce we’ll be doing this for each issue: on or near launch day, we’ll hold a one-hour cocktail (or other beverage) toast that evening with any of the issue’s writers who wish to attend.

There’s still one tweak we’d like to make—we may do it the closest weekend to launch, so that we can hold it earlier in the day here in the US and any of our international writers who are in the issue can also attend. We haven’t really figured this part out yet, but bear with us—we will!


It’s time … twenty-five artists focus on the things we refuse to see. Lovecraftian crazy in the Old West, Kerouac-style bummin’ with a morbid twist, Poe-esque madness on the open sea, Nin-inspired snails and more await. There are seven heartbreaking, chilling poems, a nightmare-inducing tale from Poland, and an exclusive excerpt from a forthcoming speculative memoir. A few familiar favorites, like Ali Seay, Die Booth, and Patricia Bettis, and some fresh new voices. You’ll want to get your eyes on this issue.

34 ORCHARD Issue 5 Spring 2022 Cover

The downloadable PDF is designed so that it can be printed on double-sided paper for easy reading like a print magazine. As always, the issue is free, but there is a donation link should you choose to contribute.

Click here to get your copy!

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You won’t want to miss Issue 5 on April 25! Announcing our TOC!

34 ORCHARD Issue 5 Spring 2022 Cover

In wall-bound creatures, leucistic birds, and murderous gardens and forests; in natural disasters and terrifying hauntings; in everywhere from modern-day skyscrapers to the Old West, the upcoming issue of 34 Orchard’s twenty-five artists focus on the things we refuse to see, and what that might mean.

We’re excited to announce the Table of Contents for the Spring 2022, which will be released on April 25—and thanks to several generous donations, this issue is even larger than our last one! We’ve even arranged for an exclusive preview of an upcoming speculative memoir, soon to be available from Thera Books. You won’t want to miss this issue!

Cover Art: Darker Beach: The Five of Cups – Annie Dunn Watson

Mister Skinandbones – Selah Janel

Any Little Spot – Ali Seay

Less Than Twelve Hours After She Is Dead, We Begin To Erase Her – Lynne Schmidt

Showdown at Dark Rock – Douglas Van Hollen

Mollusk Madness – Priscilla Bettis

Yet Another Poem About Birds – Robert Bulman

Gone for Good – M.C. Herrington

Bummin’ to the Beat of the Road – Eric J. Guignard

Cell – Victoria Nordlund

Little Red – Paula Weiman

Day One Hundred and Sixty-Four – Sam Berkeley

Mommy Monster – Elizabeth Falcon

Rereading Auden – David Donna

Floor Five – Die Booth

The Mascot – B.C.G. Jones

Not All There – Ken Craft

Lexie – Kimberly Moore

The Price of Survival – X. Culletto

Chernobyl Spring – David Holper

A Cracked Screen – Alice Avoy

Excerpts from Kinesiophobia – Meghan Guidry

Scrapbook – Kevin Grandfield

What if he remembers? – Judi Calhoun

Around Here Somewhere – Jeff Adams

The issue will be up right here on our Issues page on April 25, 2022.

The Spring 2022 Submissions Window is Now Closed

Thank you all for your submissions! Our window for the Spring 2022 issue is now closed.

We will be open for submissions for the Fall 2022 issue from July 1 – July 15, 2022—note the change; going forward, we’re now only going to be open for half the month.

We’re also going to make some adjustments to our guidelines to make it a little easier for people to submit and to alleviate some workflow issues, so if you’d like to send us work in the summer, please be sure to read our guidelines page first. They’re not updated as of this posting, but will be shortly.

We look forward to reading your work!

Update: Submissions close tomorrow

There’s one more day to submit—we close tomorrow at 11:59 pm, no matter where in the world that is!

We were overwhelmed by the response we received. We got close to 2000 submissions—many of those with multiple poems attached, so the actual number of individual works was higher.

That said, at least one third of them didn’t follow our guidelines, so those, as we’ve stated on our guidelines page, we rejected or will reject unread.

If you have not yet received a response, we ask for your patience. We still have many letters to send, and we still have some final decisions to make.

Our next submissions period will be open from July 1—July 15, 2022, and we will also be revamping our guidelines. If you wish to submit during that period, please check our guidelines page before sending your work.

Thank you!


Lucy Noone — Submissions Editor, 34 Orchard

Announcing the Table of Contents for the Autumn 2021 issue of 34 ORCHARD!


We’re thrilled to announce the Table of Contents for the Fall 2021 issue of 34 Orchard, which will be released on November 10, 2021!

This is our biggest issue yet. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

Cover Art: The Ghost of the Fair – Walter H. Von Egidy

Dead Man’s Curve – Rachel Unger

Rocky Mountain Hocus – C.R. Langille

Richmond Hill – Donna Dallas

A Marked Life – Greer Arrowsmith

Open Letter to a Killer – Sarah Collins Honenberger

Mourning Girl – Page Sullivan

Chekhov’s Pliers – H. Zuroski

Everything Fits If You Push Hard Enough – Rob Francis

Botany Lesson – Shelly Jones

In The City of Floating Wolves – Tara Campbell

Here I Am – Shannon Hollinger

Lost & Found – Michael Allyn Wells

Finding Peace with the Anechoic System – Matt Brandenburg

Night Sounds – Andrew Majors

Planetless – Angi Shearstone

Of Ink and Blood – Kevin M. Casin

The Bone Garden of Arachne Lovell – Ness Cernac

The Estate Sale – Molly Greer

All Clued Out – Ray Daley

Croaking Frogs – Sean Jacques

Last Christmas – Robbie Gamble

Letter to the Other Side – Rob Smales

The issue will be available right here on the issues page on November 10!

It’s August 1 – our submission window is closed. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Our submissions window for the Autumn 2021 issue is now closed. There were very difficult decisions to make (and still to be made).

If you’ve not received a decision yet, we will let you know no later than August 31–unless, of course, the guidelines weren’t followed; we received over one hundred of those. Although we’d like to provide an answer to each and every submission, we had to draw a line at those that didn’t follow guidelines. We just don’t have the time or the staff.

Between now and then, if you haven’t gotten an answer and you need to withdraw your work due to acceptance elsewhere, please drop us a line at

Certainly, if you have any questions or concerns, you can also email us at the same address. We’ll get back to your promptly.

The reading period for the Spring 2022 issue, which will be published in April is from January 1 through January 31, 2021. We look forward to reading your work next time around!