Update: Submissions close tomorrow

There’s one more day to submit—we close tomorrow at 11:59 pm, no matter where in the world that is!

We were overwhelmed by the response we received. We got close to 2000 submissions—many of those with multiple poems attached, so the actual number of individual works was higher.

That said, at least one third of them didn’t follow our guidelines, so those, as we’ve stated on our guidelines page, we rejected or will reject unread.

If you have not yet received a response, we ask for your patience. We still have many letters to send, and we still have some final decisions to make.

Our next submissions period will be open from July 1—July 15, 2022, and we will also be revamping our guidelines. If you wish to submit during that period, please check our guidelines page before sending your work.

Thank you!


Lucy Noone — Submissions Editor, 34 Orchard

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